Evolutional Nature Journeys

The Intention of the Evolutional Journey's in Nature are to share higher teaching wisdom, knowledge, awareness aswell as assisting in connecting people with beautiful Mother Nature.

These Evolutional Journeys will have Intention Based topics such as:

-Bringing Balance Within

-Zen Teachings

-Spiritual Practices & Awareness

-Healthy Hacks

-Learning Numerology

-Consciousness Awareness

-Personal Evolution

These Evolutional Journeys will also have Spiritual Practices at the beginning & end of the Journey with Practices such as:



-Sound Healing

-Herbal Tea

Finishing off these journeys, every participant will receive a Show Bag of High Vibrational Goodies which will include things like:

-A Homemade Herbal Smoke (Sacred Herbs)

-A Homemade Herbal Tea (Sacred Herbs)

-A Homemade Soup (Sacred Herbs)

-A Homemade Candle (Sacred Herbs)

-Discount Course Codes

Please contact us via email for bookings and donations.

Intro offer of $99 for your first journey with optional pre-paid packs to follow.

Love and light: Mick & Joff