Nourishing the Vessel

Look After Your Body & Your Body Will Look After You

Nourishing our bodies is important to maintain a high vibration & an amazing state of mind. In this chapter we dive deep into how we can nourish our vessels & some awareness that you may not know.

From grounding & spending time in nature from Nature Boy Joff to food knowledge & awareness from Mick, a former chef of 15 years, this chapter has a plethora of information that will raise your vibration.

We are immortal beings existing in a human experience. The human vessel is a powerful conduit of source energy, properly attuned, the human vessel is capable of anything. 

In this module we will be discussing the various ways that you can wrestle back control of your human experience, simply by taking care of yourself on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

The physical vessel is a gift, a dense material form given to us to express ourselves in anyway we see fit and live our dreams.